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Support from schools

20mph limits make it safer for children to walk and cycle to school. They make it feel safer, too.


If you want to reduce Colchester's traffic jams then you should be supporting 20's Plenty


However, it is no good simply setting a 20mph limit outside a school: the limit needs to cover as much as possible of the routes children take.


In fact only one-fifth of car collisions involving children happen on the journey to school. Four-fifths happen when they're just out and about.


Area-wide 20mph limits will  make neighbourhoods feel safer, helping parents to decide that their children can get to school safely by themselves — and give them more independence earlier on in their lives.


More children walking and cycling will reduce traffic jams, improve young people's fitness and cut pollution.


If you are a senior teacher in a Colchester or Tendring School who supports 20's Plenty, please get in touch and we will be able to supply you with campaign materials.