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April 3, 2013: Please email your MP to ask them to sign this Early Day Motion: Sir Bob Russell, Bernard Jenkin or Priti Patel.


Subject: Please sign the 20mph EDM




I would be grateful if you would consider signing the Early Day Motion at http://www.edms.org.uk/2013-14/1204.htm, which asks for an urban default speed limit of 20mph.


Area-wide 20mph limits are being put in place on a piecemeal basis across the country and already 13 million people are benefiting — but it would save money if the Government changed national law.


Public health issues such as smoking are dealt with on a national basis, so why not safer speeds, which will reduce casualties and improve quality of life?


Area-wide 20mph protects all pedestrians and cyclists but especially the young and old, helping them to develop/retain their independence. Please note that although the title of this EDM is Urban Speed Limits, I would anticipate that 20mph would apply to the built-up parts of north Essex villages.


Please see www.20splentyforcolchester.org.uk for more information


I hope I can count on your support.


Yours sincerely


XXXXXXX (and your address and daytime phone number)